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Design and Engineering Services.

We have experience in providing an wide range of MEP Services which include, drafting, design, engineering of Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Alarm / Detection, Plumbing Engineering, and Fire Protection for Residential, Commercial, Industrial buildings.

We offer MEP Engineering services as well as Software Digital Solutions to both public and private sectors.


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Trazar Collections 2024 is an essential application for Architects, engineers, and construction professionals which allows the Architects, Drafters and Engineers, or Builder Contractors to do the following: Architecture Productivity, HVAC 2D Duct System, Sanitary and Plumbing Lines, Fire Protection, Electrical Power and Lighting, Fire Alarms System.

MEP Engineering services

As part of our MEP design services, we provide the following services:

Mechanical & HVAC Design:

  • Heat load calculation.
  • HVAC System Selection.
  • HVAC System.
  • Exhaust System.
  • Zoning markups.
  • Chilled water systems.
  • Heating water systems.
  • Cooling System.
  • Duct Layout System.
  • Plan Room Layout.
  • Direct digital control (DDC) systems.

Electrical Design

  • Electrical load.
  • Electrical Power Design.
  • Emergency Lighting Design.
  • Fire Alarm/Detection Design.
  • Riser and panel schedule design.
  • Lightning protection system.
  • Designing standby power systems.
  • Fire Alarm /Detection System.
  • Telecommunication system, CCTV Surveillance system, Access Control design.

Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering

  • Hot and cold water capacity calculations.
  • Sizing & Selection Pumps, Water Storage Tanks.
  • Pipe sizing for water services.
  • Water Services Schematics.
  • Water Services Layouts.
  • Waste System.
  • Gas services Schematics.
  • Plant room Layout (Plans and Details).
  • Fire Protection Design.
  • Preparation of Design Requirement document/ Specification.

Once the mechanical engineer or electrical engineer on the team starts working on the project, they are responsible for making sure everything is working together. The building team includes the engineers from the MEPs. Construction projects are worked on by architects, builders, craftspeople, and engineering specialists.

We would love to hear about your upcoming project requirements. Feel free to get in touch with us today.


  • Fundamental knowledge of MEP systems.
  • Power supply and distribution: busway, cable duct, raceways, etc.
  • Lighting Interior, exterior, and emergency lighting.
  • Control systems, security systems (CCTV, audio/video), data networks etc.
  • Potable water supply and distribution, waste water and storm water.
  • Fire protection systems: Water supply, standpipe, hydrants, automatic sprinklers, etc.
  • Fire alarm systems, smoke detection, annunciation, addressable devices, etc.
  • Excellent ability to read, interpret, and implement design documentation.
  • Excellent work ethic and attitude as part of a team.
  • Good communication and time management skills.
  • Drawing and reviewing module specifications together with the customer.
  • Bachelor's degree in Electromechanical Engineering, Master and B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering with more than 15 years of professional experience in Engineering Design and Consultancy.

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