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Frequently Asked Questions


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How can I purchase Pincodes?

You can make a purchase either directly from the pricing page by selecting the desired license and clicking the Buy button, or by requesting an invoice with payment information and using the payment method you prefer.

How can I request an invoice or quotation?

Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to request an invoice or quotation.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Wire Transfer, and local check payments.

Where can I find pricing for annual or perpetual licenses?

Annual or Perpetual license packages come in a variety of options, that differ in the number of clients, users etc. Please contact our Sales Team for pricing information.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts in some cases, please contact our Sales Team for more information.

How do you deliver Trazar products after the purchase?

We distribute our component digitally, which means you will receive a link or an email with a download link. In addition to the download link, you will receive your license key(s) and some general information about your license (data source, expiration date etc).


How Activate Your Subscription

To activate your online session submit your product code and pincode.
Please click HERE to activate your online session.

How to Check Your Subscription

To check your subscription status use pincode *165# or send us an email.
Please click HERE to activate your online session.

Important to Know

  • You have 6 months to activate your online session after your pincode expires. To activate your online session submit your product code and pincode.
  • Your Pincode is a code that is valid for only one login session with trazar application.
  • You can combine two or more pincodes for more time extension.

    Payment Options.


    PayPal  To pay with PayPal, you need a PayPal account, which you can set up during booking.
    A Trazar Customer account is not required.

    This is How it Works:

    1. Simply enter your PayPal login information during the payment process. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, you can register for PayPal when your buy online pincode.
    2. You will automatically be redirected to the PayPal site and will be asked to enter your PayPal login information.
    3. Confirm your PayPal payment.
    4. Return to Trazar
    5. Your PIN Code will be issued as a printable PDF file.


    Contact Customer Care
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    Provide additional request instructions.
    E-mail:, Phone: (507) 3923148 / (507) 66243148