How to Activate Trazar

The first time you start "Trazar", the Product Activation Manager is displayed. You can either activate the program at that time or run the program and activate it later. If you do not activate the product right away, The Product Activation Manager is displayed for 30 days in service or evaluation mode from the date trazar is initially used. You can also activate your license at any time before the expiration date. After the expiration date, you cannot run your the program until you register and activate the product. Once you activate this product, the Product Activation Manager is no longer displayed.

Also, You can to activate the program, execute the "RUNTZ" command and entering your authorization key from Trazar.

To obtain a regular Trazar license, please send product request code key together with your registration information to the given address.

When a product is licensed, as a registered user, you will receive an authorization code. If the authorization code is entered correctly. Trazar will be authorized on the target machine.

The license information stays on your workstation when you uninstall your product. If you reinstall your trazar product on the same workstation, the license information is still valid. You do not have to reactivate the product.

Installing updates for trazar is a very simple. After downloading the trazar software, simply re-install the new version into the existing installation path, thus overwriting the old files, your software registration remains licensed version. You can find the newest update of the same version of the product

Transfer Authorization Code

If you need to operate the software on more than one computer own or control, without purchasing a separate license. This software has an utility you can used to transfer a product license from machine to another machine.

Execute the "READ230" command to transfer the portable authorization code, trazar will no longer work on that machine. Before you use the portable authorization code, you need the target program code to do it.

Any changes you makes to your computer that may affect the computer indentification code can damage the license and make it unusable. To make sure the license does not get lost or deleted while you are making hardware modifications, you should first transfer the license to a target computer until you are ready to move it back to the source computer. For example, you want to do one of the following: Partition the hard drive, reformat the hard drive or delete a drive.

If you would like to obtain another regular trazar license. Please send a completed order form supplied with this software.

The software and all associated files may be subject to future revisions and released at the discretion of the author. The author reserves the right to revise and improve its products or other works as it sees fit at any time without notice.

The author assume no responsability for any consequences arising out of the use of this software or related manuals. The user shall assume all risks and liabilities resulting from the use of the software and its related manuals.

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